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Cannabis Vs. Produce HVAC

In this episode of Quick HVAC Tips for Vertical Farming, we cover the three significant differences between Cannabis and Produce HVAC: the rooms, room conditions, and air distribution.

Episode Transcription:
Hi everybody. I'm Jeff Baylis from AGronomic IQ, and today, I want to talk to you about the difference between cannabis and produce HVAC. There are three major differences. The room conditions, the range of plants, and the air distribution.

First off is the room conditions. There are different set points in cannabis typically each week all the way through a grow, where with vertical farming, you're typically using one set point (or a very small range) throughout your entire grow.

Second is the rooms. In cannabis, you're going to have a separate room for each stage of growth. You're you can have a mom room, a veg room, a clone room, and a flower room, where in vertical farming, you're typically going to have one perpetual grow room and a nursery that's going to feed that.

Lastly is air distribution. With vertical farming, you might have as many as 15 or more tiers. You're going to require secondary air movers or in rack ducting. Where the cannabis side you're typically dealing with 1 or 2 tiers. So, from an air distribution perspective, it's much simpler.

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