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How important is crop consistency, and how can you achieve it?

In this episode of FAQ with AGIQ, we examine the pivotal role of consistency in product delivery. In the fiercely competitive world of cultivation, many facilities are shifting indoors - to maintain control and consistency. But why should you, as a grower, care about it?

Episode Transcription:
In this episode of FAQ with AGIQ, I'm going to talk about consistency in your product deliverable and why you need to care about it. It's the number one reason that most new facilities are going indoors, a true warehouse grow, and that's so they can control every aspect of the plant's life cycle and ensure that each generation of cultivar is as close to exactly the same as possible.

Now, why does that matter to you? Well, you as a grower are trying to establish a brand, and whether you're a mega grower with in-house brands or whether you're a smaller feeding grower selling a product to another brand, you need to have a consistent deliverable for your consumer. And whether that consumer is the end user or again, somebody who's taking your product and repackaging it as one of their brands. That consistency is really important. Even that consistency among different states.

With operators who are operating across multiple locations in multiple states, you want your consumer to have a consistent experience among each of those states. You don't want a user in Florida to have a different experience than a user in Illinois, particularly when the same user is just on vacation that month.

Consistency is king, so consistency means you're doing the same thing, achieving the same environmental controls with a similar irrigation schedule. And any changes you make are done with the idea that you're going to increase your yield or decrease your input costs while delivering the same quality of result throughout your life cycle. And that's really what building a brand in the cultivation market is about. It’s delivering a consistent, high-quality product that a consumer can rely on every time they choose to consume.

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