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Is Bypass Air Wasteful or a Requirement?

In this episode of Quick HVAC Tips for Vertical Farming, we dive into the world of Bypass Air to shed some light on its true purpose and whether it's wasteful or a requirement.

Episode Transcription:

Hi, everybody. My name is Jeff Baylis with AGronomic IQ, and today I want to talk to you about bypass air and whether it's wasteful or a requirement.

In this application, when we're talking about bypass air, we're referring to the airstream through your air handler, and some of that air bypassing the evaporator coil and joining back up before it's supplied to your space.

There are two major reasons you’d do this. The first is to make sure your supply temperature isn't too low. This can cause damage to your plants or condensation on your supply ductwork. The second one is to make sure that you have enough air changes in your room. These rooms have a huge load, and they need enough air changes to get that processed air to the canopy, and avoid microclimates.

For those two reasons, I think it's a requirement that you have bypass air in your air handler. If you have any other questions about air distribution or how to keep your plants happy, please reach out to us at

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