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What’s the impact of irrigation rates on HVAC equipment sizing?

In this episode of FAQ with AGIQ, we discuss the impacts of irrigation rates on HVAC equipment sizing. By knowing the irrigation rates upfront, professionals can accurately determine the correct size and capacity of the HVAC equipment needed to effectively remove excess moisture in your grow room.

Episode Transcription:
In this episode of FAQ with AGIQ, I'm going to talk about the impacts of irrigation rates on HVAC equipment sizing. Now, irrigation rates are how much water you're putting into that room or how much water you're applying with the fertigation system to your plants. And it's kind of a two-part answer. One, it's fundamental - the equipment is there to remove moisture or excess moisture from your space. So, knowing the irrigation rates upfront are very important.

The harder part for you, the grower, is what strains are you going to be growing? What cultivars are you going to be growing in that room, over the lifecycle of that room? And how do you provide enough buffer without over sizing equipment so much that it's capitally impossible to do?

And that's really the challenging piece of this. So, you know, your irrigation rate, again, it obviously impacts how much water an HVAC system in your room has to remove. But how that water is put into the room matters a great deal as well. And things like, you know, Coco or Rockwool cubes, if you're flushing that too towards the end of the cycle, trying to get rid of your nutrient salts, most of that water is going to drain to waste and doesn't actually get absorbed into the plant for the HVAC system to deal with – it doesn't evaporate into the room.

So, that's part of why we ask such detailed questions on how you're running your room, the kind of media that you're in, what your watering cycles look like and what cultivars you're intending to grow over a longer period of time - is every aspect of that affects your equipment sizing. And so being as open and honest and transparent with us as early as possible allows us to properly size equipment and set the right expectations with you from the get-go.

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