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Why is More Better When it Comes to Compressors?

In this episode of Quick HVAC Tips for Vertical Farming, we cover why "more is better" when it comes to compressors. The bottom line? More compressors equal more control, more safety, and more peace of mind.

Episode Transcription:
Hi everybody. I'm Jeff Baylis, from AGronomic IQ. And today, I want to talk about why more is better when it comes to compressors.

The first point is about redundancy. If you've got a single compressor managing your space and it has a failure, you now have lost all your capacity and potentially damaged your plants or a total loss. If you have four compressors, for example, and a single compressor fails, you might be looking at a 25% reduction in total work and maintaining your space in a safe range.

A single compressor that has variable speed can adjust capacity well, but is not able to manage sensible heat ratio at the same time. When you have multiple compressors, you can have some compressors running in a lower stage, some running in a higher stage, which is able to balance both capacity and sensible heat ratio to manage the best conditions in your room as reliably as possible.

We're going to be releasing a white paper on this topic coming out soon. But in the meantime, if you have any questions about managing capacity in your room or anything else HVAC-related, please reach out to us at

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